2 thoughts on “Note to Self

  1. Natalie says:

    always, always, always say you do not know how it got in there.
    the other option is to have a drawer that is specifically theirs. everything gets shoved in there until it’s full and then they have to get rid of something…

  2. mom says:

    The worst part is doing the ‘unthinkable’ because of whatever reason: water damage,foot prints,torn, repeated design work,tossed under a pile of dirty clothes,whatever ‘good’ reason to not try to ‘save’ the snapshot of time thru creativity, is waking up one day and that person is 16 or your last home schooler or is no longer living at your house and has children of her own… I have a metal chest like treasure chest that you can have. Save as much as you can. Love From Your Mother:(

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