National Parents Day

Apparently today is National Parents Day. Kids, if you’re reading this consider yourselves duly informed that I expect fresh flowers the 4th Sunday in July. And no, this doesn’t mean you can scrimp on Mother’s Day.

Anyway, I have no idea why we have a National Parents Day, but I would like to celebrate this year by sharing stories of my winning parenthood mad skills.

First rule of this new annual tradition? Don’t judge.

Second, share your own to make me feel better.

Here’s the story.

Confession: I let my kids stand up in the back of the grocery cart.

Reason: The alternative is strapping them into the front while they (Henry) writhe and scream in torture until I take them out to stop the tsk tsk’ing of strangers behind my back. It makes them happy, okay? If you love shopping with very unhappy kids then please feel free to judge.

The Situation: I was at Costco with Henry. We were standing at the customer service counter doing a return while Henry was standing in the cart. He was holding onto the lip of the countertop in the section that doesn’t have shelves underneath so that you can just pass the larger returns under the countertop. Henry was standing at the back of the cart pulling and pushing his cart back and forth towards the counter while I was working on getting the return done as ten people stood in line behind me.

Winning Moment: The next thing I knew, I looked over and my son was no longer in the cart. He was dangling from the countertop and gently swaying back and forth while he gripped with his hands. I quickly grabbed him as nonchalantly as I could without daring to look behind and see the expression of the suddenly silent crowd behind me.

AJ didn’t believe my story until he tested Henry’s grip on one of our pantry shelves at home. This kid has bionic paws.


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