You’ll never guess what just happened.

Okay, nothing. nothing happened, and now I have nothing to blog about. That’s not really true of course. Lots and lots of interesting things have happened.

1. Violet apparently inherited her father’s seasonal allergies. Sheesh!

3. Henry got his second haircut and screamed like he was dying so we stopped before we finished. you can’t really tell.

4. Violet got her bangs cut again and cried that it hurt with each snip. Um…

5. This baby was finally born. Okay, like three weeks ago.

Her name is Lilian. Not to be confused with Lionel, or Leon, or any other boyish sort of name. That’s because she’s a girl. A very cute one at that. Apparently ultrasounds aren’t always right. Violet is very excited to have another girl cousin.

6. Henry is upstairs screaming right now. He’s not a fan of bedtime. I don’t want to talk about it.

7. Did I miss two? I think I missed number 2. It’s all the screaming upstairs.

8. Somewhere in here Henry stopped crawling. Forever. No more crawling. I am totally okay with that.

9. I started working out again this morning. Not as fun as I remember it. All I can say about working out is that I really want AJ to buy me this:

This is none other than the ROM “Four Minute Workout” machine. Someone go buy one for $15 grand and get back to me. To order, go to Thanks.

10. If I don’t blog again soon it’s not you, it’s me. I’ll probably be too busy on my Mediterranean cruise relaxing. Wait, I mean washing my dishes because the dishwasher in this rental should be sent back to the manufacturer with a load of dishes inside.


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