In which you get an update and I get hit on the head

So, we moved. Moving is a really great experience. It really shows you how much stuff you have that you didn’t know about. It also shows you that you need to get rid of stuff much more often than you thought. Such a great experience. There’s nothing quite like standing in the middle of a UHAUL at midnight wondering what on earth could possibly be in the second half of the second 17-foot truck that could at all be worth the time and energy you’re putting into moving it from one place to another. So anyway, yay for moving.

That being said, we love that we moved just in time for the summer rainy season, not to be confused with the winter, fall, or spring rainy season. It doesn’t matter how wet it gets, my children are seriously in love with their new yard. This of course includes all the recently acquired child/yard paraphernalia that people give you/you buy as soon as you have a place to put it. As you can see, we didn’t really learn our too-much-stuff lesson in this recent move.


All of these things have been acquired in the last week and a half. No joke. See that giant umbrella? It’s awesome when you have no shade source in your yard. You can get this stabilizing base for it for like $50 but who needs that, right? Just stack some water buckets on it and embrace your white trash side.

Since Henry and Violet were playing in the pool, I decided to grab the camera and take some shots of them enjoying the new digs.

See that action shot? In the next half second Henry will fall down and yell at Violet for kicking the ball into him.

Happiness is playing in a kiddie pool

Happiness is sitting down in a cool pool with no diaper on

Happiness is squirting your teepee

Happiness is NOT a gust of wind that knocks over the giant umbrella right onto your head at the same moment you take a picture because you were too cheap to buy the very important stabilizing base.


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