Be forewarned. This is probably a waste of your time.


4 thoughts on “flummox

  1. Clayre says:

    I actually did watch it the whole way through, as I was updating Will’s baby book. I like video blogs! I killed a spider today too. It was on my shoe and I put the shoe on before I realized it. I shook my foot hard, making the spider fling across the hall and then took a paper towel and scooped it up and pinched as hard as I could. I always try to make sure they are extra dead because I am afraid they will come back to life in the trash and exact their revenge. My whole reaction made Will cry. Oops…time to go now because I see a giant CATERPILLAR on the floor.

  2. mom says:

    CATERPILLER. I think this word is spelled with an e so , there you go. Yes, we did watch it all the way through, Blessong had a little cat nap(or pretended to) but he also knows the word caterpiller. So, way to go Pearl for sharing your mundanaity with us as we on this rainy day must have ours also. If you have read this entire reply, post Finished and go and watch an episode for me…

  3. Well, since it didn’t count at worship practice tonight… CATERPILLAR!! Hahaha. Oh, and Calvin and Hobbes is definitely the best comic ever.

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