A Short Play

What Doth She Perceive

[The Players]

The Mother

The Father

Boy in Playground



Enter Violet, playing further and further from the playground as she chases a boy.

Boy in playground: “Come hither, fair maid! What greater bliss can hap to us than to run to yonder tree in the parking lot where any number of carriages await us!”

The Mother: “What art thou, but my daughter and my kin! Make haste to return to me lest I smite thee bottom!”

Violet: “I heed thee not, fair Mother!”

The Mother: “Then show this love, this kindness to thy sire!”

The Mother: “Violet! Certain danger awaits thee, make haste and return!”

The Father: “Violet! I commit this charge to thy trust; by Heaven and all the moving orbs thereof, ’tis not merely my trust thou dost break. Return, or pay dearly.”

The Father: “How now Violet! Thou dost rend my heart by thy conduct.”


Violet sits on yonder blanket, weeping bitterly as her mother approaches.

The Mother: “Why dost thou cry, small one?”

Violet: “Be be be-tuzz Daddy doth make me sit in timeout.”

The Mother: “And what is timeout, but no less than banishment from yon pernicious company? Ye came here not lightly, I’ll warrant, for the safety of thy dear form is equaled in passion by the love of the sea to the shore.”

The Mother: “And so why does thou think thy father has commanded that thou sit here?”

Violet: “Betuzz Daddy doesn’t want me to play.”

The Mother: “What? Canst thou see no deeper reason for thy banishment to this blanket?”

Violet: “Betuzz Daddy doesn’t wike me to play.”

The Mother: “….”