No news is good news

sorry about my blogging delinquencies. here’s what’s new.

We’re moving to our favorite town. (In a week or so)

Anyone want to rent our condo?

A house with a big fenced yard.

Henry has squeaky shoes that are encouraging him to start walking (but only when he forgets that he can’t).

Violet’s understanding of life continues to grow exponentially every day, which is pretty overwhelming to keep up with.

I am currently playing peek-a-boo with the H Man.

Ola the fish is still alive.

Henry is a few days short of his first birthday. I’m trying to be okay with being done with the baby phase.

Plus, he’s completely weaned. *sniff*

And we’ve renamed him Brutus.

Violet is trending to be about 6 feet tall.

We are so excited about getting into a house and out of our tiny condo.

She wants a dog STAT. Like yesterday. And a kitty, but until I get the yard reestablished, I am not having to chase a cat out of my garden beds.

Anyone want to give us a dog?

Violet loves Jesus and talks about Him all the time. Her heart is like soft, rich soil. There is nothing about the gospel that is confusing or frustrating to her. “Faith like a child” is best demonstrated in a child. She was pretty upset about how the whole Easter story started out with Jesus being hurt, and equally elated to hear how he conquered death and our sin to save us forever. I know, it sounds a little ridiculous even to write it out, but the parts of our gospel that seem to me like they would be difficult to understand are a piece of cake to her. Earlier we were talking about an owie on her forehead and I asked her if she wanted a bandaid if only for emotional support.

“No Mom, Ban-aids don’t make my owie better, God make it better.”

Uhhhh, yeah…you got me there.

Also, I am packing up my house in faith that our deal will go through. I really don’t want to have to unpack in this house.

The boy just high-centered himself on the edge of the toybox. Not funny, good moms don’t laugh at something like that…oops.

In conclusion, here’s my deep thought for the day that I didn’t come up with and hold no copyright to.

Worry is irrelevant.

Spending your life focusing your greatest energy on something completely irrelevant is like collecting Blink-182 memorabilia.


3 thoughts on “No news is good news

  1. Jewel says:

    Check out Noah. My mom got the sweetest dog there. And if someone is willing to just give you their dog it’s probably for a reason:) I also have heard a couple of friends mention their cats had kittens and will be ready for homes in a few weeks.

  2. Clayre says:


    Um….I wish we could take your condo, but you know the hold Texas has on me.

    Also, how did you wean? What did that consist of? Was it the same with V and H or different? I need tips/help.

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