the art of the ripoff

Miles to the “Biggest Garage Sale In The World”: 18

Granola bars eaten: 1

Steps taken from the car to the sale and back: 7000

People carried: 1 and sometimes 2

Cash in my pocket: $1

Charge to get into the garage sale: $2


I don’t care if it’s being held in the fairgrounds. No one should have to pay to go to a garage sale. It’s probably actually illegal.


2 thoughts on “the art of the ripoff

  1. Renee Tokarchuk says:

    A) How were you planning on purchasing anything with only a dollar in your pocket, trade your children?
    B) What a rip off!

  2. splendified says:

    ha! I knew someone was going to ask. well, i forgot to grab cash and i had my checkbook with me, but yeah…

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