I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this on my blog before, but Henry is easily scared. He gets so scared that he will literally shake with fear and if he had retractable claws, they would all be out. AJ got a remote-control helicopter for a christmas present, and when he flies it around the house, I am afraid to say that my lion-hearted son cries, cowers, and demands to be held while keeping the menace of the sky under constant surveillance.

Other things that make him shake with fear? All rodents, birds, reptiles, and pretty much anything alive you could find at a pet store. I forget how scared he is until we stand still for a moment watching a mouse run frantically on a wheel. Eventually one of us will say something, or shift our weight and this will invariably cause Mr. Hank to jump out of his skin. Watching the parakeets is my favorite because they’ll all be just sitting there talking to each other and then all of a sudden one will jump to another branch and my poor kid will just about have a heart attack. Don’t judge, Violet thinks it’s funny too.