There she goes…

Today I registered Violet for preschool. *sniff…happy tear…*But let’s be honest here, just one tear. I mean, a friend of mine is the class teacher, I know most of the 8 other kids, it has the reputation for having the cutest Christmas programs ever, and Violet gets to play with her “frenzz” all morning, two days a week. Where do I sign, again?

Besides, she will love it.

Those are pieces of mailing labels…

In other Violet news, I believe I’ve mentioned on this blog how much she wants to marry AJ someday. This topic can start some pretty emotionally charged discussions about why she can’t marry her dad because I already married him and I didn’t marry my dad because he was already married to my mom, who–incidentally–happens to be Violet’s grandma, but wait–is also the mom of her favorite aunt S who is also my sister, but is Grandpa’s daughter just like Violet is her daddy’s daughter and Henry’s sister.

“So, wait. Why can’t I marry my Daddy?”

Anyway, yesterday out of the blue, Violet turned to me and wailed, “But Mom, I don’t waaaaannt to get married!”

Just you wait kid, someday you might change your tune.


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