In Which Violet Embarrasses Her Mother

People always talk about being embarrassed by their parents when they were younger, but not enough attention is drawn to the little known but much experienced opposite. Did that make any sense? I think the only reason parents embarrass their children is because their children put them through the ringer when they were little.

Case in point: Violet proceeded to announce to the entire produce department in Haggen, that an attractive, middle-aged woman who looked to be no more than forty-five, was “A Grandma”.

(outside voice) “She a Grandma, Mom!!!”

(gentle but horrified whisper) “Violet! Shhhhh!!”

(Emphatically loud outside voice) “No! SHE A GRANDMA!!”

(Hoarse, desperate whisper) “Violet! Don’t. Talk!!!”

At this point, I turned to the woman who had earlier admired my adorable children, and apologized profusely. Graciously, she replied, “Oh, that’s okay, I actually just became a Grandma last week!”

After a desperate attempt at congratulating her for not only looking like a grandma, but actually being one, we made our way over to the apples. Violet, being tenacious and also at a stage where subtlety is not her strong suit, kept insisting to me that the lady was for sure a grandma.

“Mo-om, she a grandma–that lady a grandma!”

“Violet–just…we don’t say that to people”

“No, Mom–She OLD!”

“Violet! Shush!”

“She OOOOoooold Mom!”

I do not exaggerate when I say that there were people in the produce section just watching and laughing.


3 thoughts on “In Which Violet Embarrasses Her Mother

  1. Natalie says:

    i think she’s more like those dogs that can smell when you are going to have a heart attack or stroke – she could go around telling people they are grandmas before they even realize their child has gotten knocked-up…

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