Update from the daily grind

And by “daily grind” I most certainly do not mean a steaming cup of extra-strong coffee although that wouldn’t be unwelcome. I am instead referring to sippy cups being re-purposed as sprinkler systems, little boys learning to walk, and a new appreciation for country music. First, I must clarify that my fondness for country music has only two sources. One, all of a sudden it’s all Violet wants to listen to. What? Where did I go wrong? Secondly,

Update: as we’re listening to some cowboy-hatted crooner wailing on the radio Violet is playing along on the piano. It’s about as cute as you’re picturing it.

Anyway, secondly, my appreciation for country music comes from the similarities I sometimes find in my life and country music. That’s right, we missed Thanksgiving due to a bad cold, and spent AJ’s entire three-day super bowl weekend bowled over by a particularly nasty case of the flu. Plus, my dog died, my truck broke down, the roof in my trailer done sprung a leak, and the 7Eleven down the street stopped carrying Bud Light.


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