No Fear

That title would be a lot more effective if it could be in the same font as that classic nineties sticker/decal that ended up on everything from hats to cars. It predominately adorned the identities of teenage boys everywhere. Let’s think about this: teenage boys being encouraged not to have fear. Boys in general…because if that isn’t a free pass to do something stupid, I don’t know what is.

Obviously I’m not a boy. I have a very through risk-assessment skill-set in place. I’m not saying all boys are risky and prone to stupidity in highschool, but I will say that a lot of them are a little bit and a little bit of them are a lot. Don’t give me that look–I have five younger brothers.
Anyway. So, fast forward to now. I have a boy. First I had a girl, and then I had a boy. I thought Violet fell down a lot, until Mr Henry came along. He is consistently about five steps more ambitious than his skills are. This means that he is constantly getting himself into situations with no back-up plan. This means that he falls all the time because he can get himself up into tricky poses but he doesn’t entertain the risk factors about his situation, like a slippery floor, the sheer physics of his proportions, or his coordination.

This is the part where I would very much like someone to reassure me that he will grow out of this–soon. Maybe I should just change to a lower co-pay healthcare plan…


Who, What, Where.

Everyone always talks about how the favorite question of childhood is “Why”. Maybe we just haven’t gotten there yet, because lately Violet is preoccupied with asking the who, what, where in regards to everything you can imagine. I now know why so many parents make up answers to childhood questions. It’s not out of a devious desire to mislead, it’s just simply because they won’t accept “I don’t know” as an answer. The following is an excerpt from a car ride this afternoon.

“Mom, who is dat?”

“Is it a person?”


“If it isn’t a person, we say What.”

“Mom, what is dat?”

“Ummmm, I can’t see where you’re pointing. I don’t know.”

“Mom, what is dat?”

“A tree?”

“No, what is dat?”

Oh, that’s just a something.”

“Mom, where your friends?”

“I don’t know.”

“Where your friends at, Mom?”

“My friends are at their house.”

“Where is my Daddy?”

“He’s at work.”

“Where is Isla?”

“I don’t know.”

“Mom, where Isla at?”

“She’s at her house.”

“Where her house?”

“In Stanwood.”

“Where my house?”

“In our town.”

“Where Gramma?”

“She’s at her house.”

“Where my kitty?”

“He’s at Auntie Beth’s house.”

“Where Daddy’s friends?”

“They are at their houses.”

“Where is Matt?”

“He is at work.”

“Where is Matt, Mom?”

“Matt is at his work, Violet.”

“Where my Daddy?”

“Daddy is at work.”

“Where my friends?”

“At their house.”


…a small, small excerpt.


2, 30 and 3

Today is two years since i’ve been writing on this blog. Twenty thousand hits later and I would like to surmise my feelings with the immortal words of Sally Fields, “You like me, you really like me!” Sorry, I don’t know where that came from, but it makes me want to watch Steel Magnolias.

Today is also important because it marks the half-birthday for my dearest little lady. Violet is 30 months old or “Two an’ Half!” It was literally just yesterday that my little sister was “two an’ half”” and busily informing anyone who would listen of this important fact. That was nineteen years ago. That happened really fast. We are very thankful to see the grace of God portrayed in her life and so lovingly demonstrated to us in our relationship with her as we learn more about the heart of God through her. Her Bells’ Palsy seems to have pretty much cleared up. One eye still doesn’t get quite as many wrinkles as the other, but I think it’s safe to say that we are in the clear.

What is the “3” in the title for? 3 is a number. This measly number represents the responses I got in the poll on my last blog post. I hold all of you personally responsible for the way this makes me feel. Wait, it gets better. The responses I got on the poll are as follows.

1. other bugs

2. If you believe in UFO’s

3. poop


Here’s to another year in blogging.


Titles and other not easy things

Sometimes I come here to blog and after sitting here realizing I can’t think of a title, I stop. Sometimes I think of a blog earlier in the day and then the fog of <insert good excuse here> comes in a whoosh that leaves me befuddled and forgetful. Sometimes I come up with a title and nothing else. Sometimes I sit here and evaluate the purpose, focus, and direction of this blog, only to be discouraged by the obvious lack of material on my part to satisfy those needs. Sometimes I just sit here and type nonsensical statements because I like the way my fingernails tap on the keys. It makes me evaluate my fingernails, and then I want to file them and possibly paint or buff them shiny, and before I know it I’m organizing the bathroom closets. Anyone ever read If You Give A Mouse A Cookie?

If I’m being honest, blogging is scary. It’s daunting to be evaluated on this scale. Because of course I care what you think–I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t. And besides, most of the things I should blog about are the things that make waves in my heart every day. Those things of course are usually embarrassing, revealing, and uncensored.

Or silly little blurps that don’t seem to necessitate a post. has an inspiration blog for writers like me who have brainfreeze, or writer’s block, or whatever you want to call it. Their idea for today was to write about what I do for fun when I get snowed in. Um….I don’t feel compelled, and I would like some better suggestions.


Video Day

Here for your entertainment I have prepared the following video links for you to watch.

First, watch this one to hear what may very well be the greatest movie music opening of all time ever.

Then, watch this.

Finally, just to lighten the mood, this:


If I’m being honest here, you should know that the second one made me laugh so hard I cried. Is that normal?