Social Obligations

There must be a rulebook somewhere about these…

Rule 1: When talking to parents about the appearance of their baby, you must comment on who they look like. Because trust me, those parents are really concerned to know whether or not you think Johnny has Daddy’s eyes, so take your time and really scrutinize that little face.

Rule 2: If you are a grandmother or at least a “grandmotherly type”, it is your duty, nay–a fulfillment of your destiny if you make a guess at the age of the child. It is easily considered a social obligation for a woman over a certain age to look knowingly at the baby and say something like “Awwww….wook at you, you little cutiepatootie! You must be just about three months old!” Also, please don’t be deterred when the parents laugh at you and say something disrespectful like, “No, actually he’s almost nine months…”


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