No Fear

That title would be a lot more effective if it could be in the same font as that classic nineties sticker/decal that ended up on everything from hats to cars. It predominately adorned the identities of teenage boys everywhere. Let’s think about this: teenage boys being encouraged not to have fear. Boys in general…because if that isn’t a free pass to do something stupid, I don’t know what is.

Obviously I’m not a boy. I have a very through risk-assessment skill-set in place. I’m not saying all boys are risky and prone to stupidity in highschool, but I will say that a lot of them are a little bit and a little bit of them are a lot. Don’t give me that look–I have five younger brothers.
Anyway. So, fast forward to now. I have a boy. First I had a girl, and then I had a boy. I thought Violet fell down a lot, until Mr Henry came along. He is consistently about five steps more ambitious than his skills are. This means that he is constantly getting himself into situations with no back-up plan. This means that he falls all the time because he can get himself up into tricky poses but he doesn’t entertain the risk factors about his situation, like a slippery floor, the sheer physics of his proportions, or his coordination.

This is the part where I would very much like someone to reassure me that he will grow out of this–soon. Maybe I should just change to a lower co-pay healthcare plan…