Titles and other not easy things

Sometimes I come here to blog and after sitting here realizing I can’t think of a title, I stop. Sometimes I think of a blog earlier in the day and then the fog of <insert good excuse here> comes in a whoosh that leaves me befuddled and forgetful. Sometimes I come up with a title and nothing else. Sometimes I sit here and evaluate the purpose, focus, and direction of this blog, only to be discouraged by the obvious lack of material on my part to satisfy those needs. Sometimes I just sit here and type nonsensical statements because I like the way my fingernails tap on the keys. It makes me evaluate my fingernails, and then I want to file them and possibly paint or buff them shiny, and before I know it I’m organizing the bathroom closets. Anyone ever read If You Give A Mouse A Cookie?

If I’m being honest, blogging is scary. It’s daunting to be evaluated on this scale. Because of course I care what you think–I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t. And besides, most of the things I should blog about are the things that make waves in my heart every day. Those things of course are usually embarrassing, revealing, and uncensored.

Or silly little blurps that don’t seem to necessitate a post.

wordpress.com has an inspiration blog for writers like me who have brainfreeze, or writer’s block, or whatever you want to call it. Their idea for today was to write about what I do for fun when I get snowed in. Um….I don’t feel compelled, and I would like some better suggestions.


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