Happy New Year!!

Still, no flying cars. But–we do have these. Yay us!

I have a bunch of awesome resolutions, which I won’t post on here right now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think you should make some of your own. Not making resolutions is a cop-out to avoid taking responsibility for your future.  Remember, you can’t accomplish stuff unless you know what you want to accomplish.

2011, you are going to be an awesome year. You are going to be a year of adventure, surprises, and joy. You are going to be a year for discovering the joy that comes from obedience and not just the drudgery. In 2011, limits will be pushed to discover new territory, babies will learn to walk, bubbles will be blown, foot races won, tootsieroll pops crunched, and life will be lived in the beauty of everydayness.


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