Last post of 2010

Probably. I heard a friend say once that the days are long but the years are short. I find this especially poignant now that I have children, because every time I turn around my little girl’s curls are longer and my little boy’s legs are stronger and the lump in my throat becomes my own secret obsession as I hold onto the present while trying to embrace the change that the future brings. I understand what Mary the mother of Jesus was doing when the bible says she, “treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” (Luke 2:19NIV)

I also remember all the glorious discoveries of growing up, and so I embrace the journey ahead of me as I watch my children become who they are called to be…but still…I treasure.

We are still waiting and watching Violet’s face to see when the Bell’s Palsy resolves itself. I am confident that God will heal her, but until then, I live with a little extra heartache every day when she smiles her crooked smile at me. I haven’t intentionally posted any pictures of her lately because I want to be sensitive to her twelve-year old self someday. It isn’t very dramatic unless she is crying or smiling wide, but I certainly don’t want to embarrass her someday. I can certainly think of a few childhood pictures of mine that I wouldn’t have wanted found by a childhood nemesis.

Henry is getting into all sorts of trouble now that he is pulling himself into a standing position. We have a storage ottoman in our living room that was recently turned into the toy chest, so every day he finds all sorts of wonderment in getting into it. Yesterday, in an ambitious moment of indiscretion, he reached too far inside and high-centered himself on the edge–hollering (literally) until I came and saved him.

And yes, toy boxes are much better when you can get into them. It’s like the world at your fingertips.