Word of the day…

should be “Sleep”. After spending last night and the better part of today in and out of two different hospitals, I have several things to tell you.

  1. we can still pull an all-nighter. we still got it.
  2. Bell’s Palsy: usually manifested as paralysis on one side of the face. Usually harmless, usually resolves on it’s own in a few weeks. Still, before a diagnosis can be made, many other more life-threatening things(like a stroke) must be ruled out.
  3. Violet now has an endearingly, heart-wrenchingly lopsided smile.
  4. She got to ride in an ambulance…
  5. …because you never take a gamble with your peeps.
  6. Henry single-handedly wooed the ladies at Children’s Hospital. I seriously have my work cut out for me with that kid.
  7. I’m so thankful not to have a child with a chronic illness.
  8. If you ever have an option and it’s not a life-threatening emergency, drivingĀ  the extra distance to Seattle Children’s Hospital is well worth it. I can’t begin to say how much better they were with Violet than the staff at an unnamed Everett hospital. They weren’t bad, just much more inexperienced with children, which: equals bad.
  9. I am so thankful for the way everything turned out, and we appreciate prayers for the speedy resolution of this facial paralysis.