Good things come in two’s

3 Things:

  1. If Henry is the king, then AJ and Violet are his court jesters.
  2. Violet burnt her tongue during dinner tonight. She blew a kiss to her hand and then placed the “kiss” on her tongue.
  3. There’s a lunar eclipse tonight or tomorrow morning sometime. I wish I could get excited since apparently it hasn’t happened in like a zillion years but in the interest of honesty I have to admit I could care less. I didn’t use to be this way. Except it’s December. And probably cloudy out. And I get up between 3 and 5 every morning when I get up with AJ for his work. And it will be cold. And I have little kids. You! You stay up and watch it and take pictures and tell me how you liked it!
  4. One thing I find irresistible is little kids dressed up in plays. Promise me you’ll watch this. It’s A-Dorable.

Okay, so four.