Feelin’ the Love…

I just got an email from wordpress telling me about a new email subscriber. It said, “…their email address is blahblahblah, and it appears they are from nigeria.”

No, it wasn’t really “blahblahblah.”

Nigeria. Greaaaaaatttt.

While I sit here, my husband is undergoing a rite of passage. He is building a dollhouse from a kit in time for its Christmas morning unveiling. This is the dollhouse of my dreams. Even if Violet doesn’t completely love it, that won’t really be a bad thing because that just means more time for me to play with it. Seriously. It’s 1:12 scale, so it’s pretty big…maybe 2-2 1/2 feet tall. I will post some pictures up here pretty quick but it still isn’t finished yet.

I love how the online description was “minor parent assembly required.” If by “minor” you mean all of it!

He’s screwing in a staircase right now. This is pretty much the cutest he’s looked all day.