Pearl+Primo’s Pear Pasta=Perfection

I suppose I should clarify–it wasn’t just the pear gorgonzola ravioli that was perfection. Today we went out to lunch at Primo in Seattle. Primo is a new Italian restaurant that my cousin Max opened just three months ago. I know–you already think I’m biased. It’s hard not to be. Did I mention yet that one of my little brother’s works here as a chef?  Plus, my cousin and my brother are both adorable, so it’s hard not to like them. I already knew that. What I didn’t know (or was dubiously unsure of) was whether or not they really knew their stuff when it comes to good Italian food. I mean, I’ve eaten pizza in Italy. I should stop before I start to ramble, and also because I think pictures can speak louder than words when it comes to food.

Now that you’re hungry, please do me a favor. Go to Primo. The ingredient quality is outstanding, the prices are very reasonable, and the chandelier is amazing.

Check out the menu on their website and “like” them on facebook to hear about specials.



1106 8th Avenue, (between Seneca and Spring)

Seattle, WA 98101