Christmas: 1, Pearl: 0

Well, I gave in. Violet and I were talking about Christmas, and I was trying to explain about different traditions to her that we use to celebrate Christmas. I know I already made a big stink on this blog about not having a Christmas tree, but when I actually got to the part where I was telling my little doll-face girl about Christmas trees, I couldn’t actually tell her that Mommy didn’t want one because I have issues with adding to the A-bomb of a messy house I deal with every day. I pictured her on Christmas morning without a Christmas tree to grab her presents out from under and I had a mental “Awwwww….” moment.

So, we have a Christmas tree. And Violet Loves it. I am foreseeing very much the same thought process with Christmas baking. “Sorry Honey, Mommy is on a diet this Christmas so it looks like you don’t get to help decorate gingerbread men this year.”

Hey, it’s not like I was going to put coal in her stocking.