knee deep

So maybe I’m a day late and a dollar short here, but it’s officially the season of Christmas. My house still doesn’t reflect this new fact, but i have plans–big plans. Not really. I just have to figure out a way to decorate without  making my house any messier than it is, or at least having the potential to be messier than it is. By the way, I am having a 50% out sale after Christmas at my house. I can’t handle collecting things, especially in such a small house. By “50% out”, i mean that I am getting 50% of the stuff in my house out…hopefully into yours.

First out–a toaster. Used to be really shiny. occasionally doesn’t pop up the toast. still works okay.

Also, a toilet paper roll holder shaped like a Volkswagen. All yours.

Assorted tupperware and lids–none matching.

How does that happen anyway? I’ll make a wild guess and say i’m not the only one that gradually loses matching tupperware sets. I have a bunch of lids, and a bunch of containers, but not a bunch of matching.

Oh, a striped rug 3×4.5

lots of toys. lots and lots of toys.


One thought on “knee deep

  1. Oh I hate tupperware and lids and the issues that go with them! I keep meaning to organize our tupperware shelf but, I really don’t want to. I hope your babies are healthy now! It’s so hard having sick kids.

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