Silly Spammers

Since I have a blog, I am regularly inundated by spam comments that do not have anything to do with my post and usually contain links to buy something and get your identity stolen in the process. At first, the comments they left were brazen, like “HEY! FREE RINGTONES!!!CLICK HERE!!!”, but gradually they have morphed into semi-intelligent responses in an attempt to get published by comment-greedy bloggers such as myself. Today I got a spam comment from a site that sells tire rims on my previous post about all the nicknames I have for Henry: “Yes, but I think it can go both ways though..” Meaning….? Ha! Nice try Spammers!

I should add that I forgot to mention a few of Henry’s nicknames, including but not limited to :

Gorgeous George

Starvin’ Marvin

Pretty Boy


Last, but not least. Today I found Violet in the bathroom with the dental floss. If you are a parent, alarm bells just went off in your head. Since the floss is super minty, she was pulling out sections about a foot at a time, licking them, and then panting like a dog to feel the minty coolness on her breath. I Love her.