Links and laughs

Hello everyone,

Due to the overwhelming response in comments on my last blog, I suppose I should oblige and post the recipe links that I used yesterday to curry up my kitchen. Heyo!

Curried Lentils and Sweet Potatoes

I’m pretty sure this recipe wears a halo, that’s how incredibly awesome it is. It may as well have wings and a bow and arrow too, because as soon as you eat it you will fall in love. I know. In love with lentils? Trust me, it’s possible. This completely vegetarian dish (if you use vegetable broth–i use water to cut cost) is so bursting with flavor and intrigue, that if you close your eyes and play some Indian music while you eat, you’ll instantly be transported to a wondrous land of spices and ankle bracelets and sacred cows. Okay, maybe that didn’t help. Just make it.

Chicken Coconut Curry

Okay, so why did the chicken cross the road? Because the coconut was currying after him. Ha! Ha! That there’s a real knee slapper. *tap, tap* is this thing on?…Anyway, this is also awesome and also very make-able by you for dinner tonight.

Lastly, Violet has been yelling this to us while driving down the road.

“Help! I’m STUCK! Mom, I’m STUCK!”

“Yes Violet, I know. We’re driving. It’s called a carseat.

2 minutes later…

“Daddy! Vi-wee STUCK! Help!”

……………What do you say? How do you argue with such tight logic?