To Speak for the Weak

Today I’d like to direct your attention to an excellent website. Abort73 is dedicated to educating people about the realities of abortion and providing resources to help people struggling with the decision for Life. While I am a staunch supporter of Life, I often find myself frustrated by some prolife groups because often I feel that their message is so filled with hate for the people that have the abortions that it has a negative effect on their message. With that said, Abort73 is a great resource to find out all the facts about abortion, the scope of its affect, and how we all can change this reality.

Changing the laws about abortion in our country is not about legislating morality. If we have laws protecting house cats from cruelty, we should have laws protecting tiny humans as well. Furthermore, there is no scenario where anyone should be allowed to determine the value of a baby’s life depending on his or her mother’s economical/social status.

Please visit the site and see what you think. You might even find something to buy and support them. As the contest winner, I am sending Angela S. this T-shirt!\

After all, if you can–you should.


One thought on “To Speak for the Weak

  1. Milena says:

    Sam has one of Abort73’s shirts from a LifeFest concert a couple years ago in Wisconsin. It has a pic of a gun and says “Would it bother us more if they used guns?” He made the mistake of wearing the shirt home from the states and the border guard in the airport was staring at his shirt for a long time… probably trying to figure out why he had a gun on his shirt. 😛

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