That’s just how it works…

When Violet was an infant, I remember her being very interested in other small children and babies. Henry is no different except that he has Violet and always finds her completely interesting and amazing and fantastically funny. Especially when she’s eating. Speaking of eating, Henry has recently been seen around town chewing on apples, bananas, and tonight–a zucchini. Not eating, just chewing. Because there’s nothing better to entertain a drooling baby with than a slimy piece of fruit for them to suck on.

I do have a confession though. I will be starting Henry on solid foods a month earlier than I had planned, on his five-month birthday which is coming up in nine days. Yes, I’m counting. I haven’t slept more than several freak-occurrence six-hour stretches since he’s been born, and I think that giving him a hefty evening meal of rice cereal should hopefully eliminate the two night-time feedings he currently “needs”. Please Mr Henry, Mama needs her beauty rest before I start carrying spare change in the bags under my eyes. Of course, I can’t complain though…it helps that he defies all possible boundaries of baby cuteness.


2 thoughts on “That’s just how it works…

  1. Eileen says:

    Oh my goodness – he is so handsome! What a big boy he has become. Back when we had kids we gave them cereal right away. Both boys started at 2 weeks and they lived. Don’t feel guilty. Some kids need that extra food at night so they can sleep – he is a big boy – needs that cereal!

  2. grandma says:

    Aaaahhhh, Quit complaining. Don’t force feed bananas or eggs. They will never appreciates these foods again. Also, we met a family once that said they always fed their baby a big bowl of mashed potatoes before bed and the kid slept like a log. There is a balance out there. Just don’t get desperate, at least you don’t have to look for the coins in the couch….

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