Fish, Food, and Friends

Today we went to an aquarium in a small town on the edge of a the cape called Woods Hole. The majority of the town centers around a sprawling oceanographic institute. Part of the institute is the aquarium, which is free. Bonus! There were tons of crazy atlantic fish to see. In the second picture from the top in the above collage you can see a rare blue lobster. The one right above me is a lobster that is half male and half female. Apparently you can tell because of the half-and-half color. I thought it might have been painted at first, but in the photo next to it is a picture of it when it was caught showing the same vivid and dramatic color difference.

After the aquarium we went to a farmer’s market on the way home and bought a hot donut from a vendor, visited with a pet cockatoo named Molly Malone (she’s irish), and after a lengthy browse on a toy store where we bought nothing to avoid going bankrupt, we finished our outing with a chocolate-peanut-buddah cupcake and a red velvet cupcake. I only bought the second one because we walked in the shop and Violet promptly ripped a bow off  display apron. Yay. The last picture is of a diner we passed that i couldn’t resist taking a picture because (even though you can’t really see it) the neon sign in the window says Eat Heavy. Yum?


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