Love is a many splendored thing…

Yesterday AJ and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. We celebrated by spending the day in Boston with our two perfectly adorably children. Henry single-handedly jump-started the biological clocks of women all over downtown. Seriously. We were carrying him in a front pack and just enjoying watching the head-swivels as we passed women on the street. We went to the New England Dessert show too. Violet was a huge fan since she basically just followed behind me eating cookies the whole time (which wasn’t very long since it was crazy in there). My favorite thing was the beer ice cream. Seriously, the best beer I’ve ever had.  Don’t judge me, it was awesome. Here is the link to their website. I’m told they will soon have online ordering available.

Anyway, the last six years have been an incredible journey and I am so blessed to have these three precious people to share my life with. Plus, AJ is a great husband and also fantastically hot, so that helps.

I’d also like to bring your attention to another couple whose life I’ve been privileged to peek into via their blog. I have never met Adam and Amy Root personally, but I’ve been following their journey of healing since Adam was in a bad motorcross accident in May of this year. Please visit their blog to read their story for yourself. Please join them in prayer for Adam’s full recovery, and please be inspired by the love they share and the devotion and unshakable faith that Amy writes with. Every time I read her blog, I say a prayer; one for Adam, and one to thank God for the gift he has given me in my own husband.

Here is their blog, Ramblings From a Root. Please visit.


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