Just keeping it real…

As part of my quest to keep this blog an honest and accurate representation of my life I would like to tell you what just happened to me. (I also want to make sure it’s preserved for posterity so my children can read it someday)

Violet climbed up the side of a chair while eating special k flakes for a snack and fell off in a terrific crash. I ran over to console her and as she was screaming hysterically she proceeded to pee all over my stomach and down my skirt. Peeing unexpectedly freaked her out so much that she panicked even more and projectile vomited. On me.

Just keepin’ it real, folks…just keepin’ it real.


3 thoughts on “Just keeping it real…

  1. really. no.way. that’s unbelievable!
    1st of all, sadly, i’m impressed that violet isn’t in DIAPERS! Jane refuses to go in the toilet.
    2nd, this is quite remarkable for one person to accomplish 3 things at once.
    hang in there…i’m sure there are more “adventures” to come:)

  2. splendified says:

    well, i still have figured how how to transition to being potty trained outside of home. She likes toilets but is incredibly pee shy and will hold her pee AAAAALLLLLLLL DAY to the point that i am worried about a bladder infection.

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