I’d rather not, please…

several things to highlight for today.

1. Violet has started taking a toy to bed with her. No, not her doll, not a teddy bear…a rubber ducky. Yes, you heard that right.

2. Henry has officially had his first solid food. Toilet paper. That’s right, toilet paper. I went to wipe his nose off and he munched down on a whole mouthful of toilet paper before I realized it. I’m not sure his first food was quite as flavorful and delicious as he was hoping for; he has been trying to swipe food off plates and out of hands for weeks now. Nothing like picking toilet paper bits out of your son’s mouth.

3. Here is a movie I will never watch.

I need you to watch it.

Just click play on the preview here. Do it.

See? Never going to watch.

Really? Owls? Really? OWLS????

I know, lets make a dramatic movie with action, suspense, and of course love. Lets include strong themes of sacrifice, nobility, and heroism. What should our characters be like….? Hmmm….*pulling name out of hat…* And the winner is….Owls! Yeah, owls…that could be interesting, right?


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