Trivia Tuesday

Last course: Boston Cream Pie served with fres...

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What weighs three tons, is fifteen feet in diameter, and is an all-you-can-eat? Only the largest Boston Cream Pie in the world. IN. THE. WORLD.  I am so there. Wait, no, I really am. That’s right. This weekend for our 6th anniversary we are heading to Boston for the 2010 New England Dessert Showcase. You can read all about it here, but in case you are the sort of person that doesn’t like clicking on links just because someone tells you which probably means you have deep-seated trust issues that stem from some traumatic childhood incident, let me at least tell you that you should be jealous. Imagine a whole bunch of awesome with a side of delicious.

It’s inappropriate how excited I am. I actually high-fived myself.


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