Pony Tails and Test Kitchens

New favorites:

Violet has suddenly taken to ponytails in her hair. It. Is. Adorable.

America’s Test Kitchen 2010 recipe book is my new favorite casual read. Not casual as in a bathroom reader, because I very much do not agree with bathroom reading on principle. That principle being two-part: 1. there are other people that might need to use the bathroom so get off the pot, and 2. there are just too many germs floating around in bathrooms for people to be touching things that don’t get washed on a regular basis. I’m one of those people that doesn’t put my toothbrushes too close to the toilet because of the germs that splash up during flushing. I also never flush public toilets with my hands, but that’s another story. Seriously though, this book is perfect for that quick coffee break between chores, flipping through while you’re on hold with your phone company, reading while your husband watches football, or pouring over with your girlfriends on a rainy sunday afternoon. I seriously love this book. I intend to renew it at the library indefinitely.


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