Guilty as Charged

I know one thing for sure: Washington State tourism does not have me to thank for inspiring people to visit the state. I actually make a point of telling people that it rains all the time and that we pretty much have webbed feet as a result of our nativeness. I make no apologies about it either because there are way too many people moving to the greatest state in the union every day. I don’t tell them that no other state is as diverse a playground of deserts, rainforest, mountain peaks, and beaches. Instead I tell them how it’s okay that it rains all the time because we actually like it and skip on the umbrellas as proof. I don’t tell them that we have some of the best food in the country, but instead agree with them that its not normal for our coffee to be so strong. I also particularly like when we’re on the national news for something and it’s raining.

On a completely different note I would like to highlight a TV commercial that I can’t stand.

Seriously. Seriously? Does that make you want to eat skittles in ANY way???? What is wrong with these people.


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