All Is Fair In Love And War

Sometimes it really makes my day when I hear someone else’s child throwing a tantrum. Is that wrong? I also really like it when I see harried parents.

Today the church we are visiting here had a summer celebration with a potluck. There are several things you might want to know.

  1. Not everyone here is a good cook. There were a lot of bland pasta salads. Seriously people, there had better be more up your sleeve than mayonnaise and cold noodles.
  2. Violet had (and loved) her first cotton candy.
  3. It just made us miss our own church so much more.
  4. Getting and eating food at a potluck is very complicated when you have small children and you don’t know anyone.
  5. Don’t get me wrong, we had fun and the weather was beautiful.
  6. When we get home we are going to cash in a serious amount of babysitting credits with the grandparents. (get ready guys)
  7. The church is starting up small groups in a couple of weeks and the small group flyer was basically a list of who has bragging rights for the small group with the best food. After today I seriously have my doubts. I think we might have to go to one just to show these people what good food tastes like. Oh, and to introduce them to the west coast phenomenon known as Mexican Food.
  8. That’s right. There are several places here on the cape that serve “mexican” food, but it’s pretty obvious that their recipes are based off of pictures of mexican foods they found on the internet. We have to show these people how it’s done.
  9. If that makes me sound like a food snob I am totally okay with that.

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