If you want something done right, do it yourself…

Or, have your husband do it. Yesterday we had the best lobster roll on cape cod. I know, because we’ve had “the best one” and this one was better. AJ has been asking to try his hand at making one ever since we got here, so yesterday he took a shot at improving on awesome. Normal lobster rolls are just cooked lobster tossed with mayonnaise and inside a kaiser roll. If you’re lucky you might get a dusting of oldbay on top.

Here’s what AJ did.

We bought two lobsters at the local grocery store and had them cook it there so we wouldn’t have to heat up our house. As soon as we got home he shelled them, and squeezed a lemon over them and put the shredded meat into the fridge to get cold.

Next, he chopped celery and red bell pepper and added it to the lobster meat. Then he used a 70/30 combination of heavy whipped cream and mayo to make it nice and creamy. Since the cream was plain, he seasoned it to taste with a bunch of old bay seasoning.

We ate it in a buttered and broiled kaiser roll, and it was awesome.


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