Pro’s & Con’s

There are no toilet seat paper covers anywhere here.

No one here can drive.

Everyone here is a really bad driver.

Apparently right-of-way is a fluid concept when driving.

The libraries here are awesome. Huge. Probably because they charge fees…

There are actually a lot of evergreens here on the cape.

Seriously, people here are the worst drivers.

I hate bugs.

The ocean is awesome.

The other day it was really stormy out and I really wanted to see what the water looked like, so I walked with Violet and Henry down to the beach in the afternoon. The sky was a silver-grey and the cloud line was so low you couldn’t see the horizon. The rain was tiny and spitting but since it was coming sideways we were getting wet all over, and the waves were being whipped into a frenzy. I thought Violet would be scared but she loved it. She loves playing tag with the surf and is pretty good at not getting caught by the waves, but every once in a while a big one would come up and splash up around her legs much to her consternation.


2 thoughts on “Pro’s & Con’s

  1. grandma says:

    Hey Pearl…do you know how to identify a bed bug???I think you may have them where you are. I have heard that on the east coast there is a terrible infestation of bed bugs . Check your mattresses and headboards. YUCK!!!

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