No Henry, you may not borrow the car this weekend…

Henry is growing up so fast. Although he did roll over once when he was just a few weeks old I think that was a fluke accident. Today he commenced his career as an officially mobile little person. He’s rolling over for real now. Plus, he scooches on his back by arching his back up and kicking off with his feet. We’re in trouble now…I really do love that baby stage where they cant’ move around. Its so much more convenient. Also, i was keeping him in his carseat while at home so he could sit up and watch the menagerie but now he just scooches all the way out onto the floor. I’ll be in the middle of making dinner and i’ll look over and see him lying on the floor.

He’s also very interested in “talking” and cooing, taking baths, playing with toys and his feet and chewing on anything and everything he can get into his mouth. He still does not sleep through the night, and we’ve recently had a major step back in sleeping because he’s too gigantic to fit into his wrap even though we’ve already gone through one growth spurt where we had to cut the bottom open to let his legs out. we used to wrap him in this fleece blanket thing that velcros tight to swaddle him so that he couldn’t startle himself awake. Unfortunately, since he is now gigantic and spends his time fighting like a cornered wildcat as soon as we try to wrap him instead of sleeping, it looks like he’s going to need to sleep unwrapped in a hurry. Fortunately for him, no matter how rough the night is he wakes up chipper and cute and impossible to resist.

Seriously, lock up your daughters.


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