A Mystery and a Muse

First, the mystery. Okay, i know last week was mystery week, but I gave up a few days in when I couldn’t think of any. I just remembered one: fruit flies. Who, where, what, when, why, and how on earth? It’s not a joke. Yesterday we left a piece of banana in a sealed up car courtesy of Miss Violet. Today when we got in the car to leave for church there was a swarm of fruit flies. A homemade pie to the first person who can give me a reasonable explanation for this.

Second, the church we’re going to here on cape cod just started a series called “I am Second” with the title taken from a website of people posting their testimonies of faith on the journey of discovering how to live a life where Jesus Christ is first. We watched this today at the beginning of the service. If you’ve got a minute, or even if you don’t, go to the website and check it out.


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