The Mystery of the Ridiculous Royals

Today we went to the largest “city” on the cape. Hyannis. It was not as interesting as I thought it was going to be, so I think we might stick to the beach and smaller towns from now on. If you look at any guidebook, you’ll see that Hyannis has a lot of Kennedy connections. Apparently the Kennedy family has spent a good deal of time on the cape. Anyway, of course we were reminded several times that the Kennedy’s are America’s “first and only” royal family. I’m sorry, what? I get the whole political “dynasty” thing, but honestly, I’m not sure that that really qualifies them as being the royal family. They’re not the only family with multiple political careers under the same Christmas tree, aand they have one of the worst track records of tragic scandals for any family. How does this make them our royal family? Does it have anything to do with them being young? Good looking? Glamorous? Rich? Oh yes, I’ll make the call that their royalty has more to do with icon status, and less to do with political accomplishments.


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