Baptist gets Baptized and Other Stories…

Today we went to Cape Cod Church for the second time. It’s just about 15 minutes away from our house and we really like it, which is nice because I really didn’t want to spend half our time here trying out different churches. Here’s a crazy story; last Monday, one of the pastors and a member of the congregation survived a private plane crash. No, that’s right, A PLANE CRASH. They were out flying over the cape to make a video for the current sermon series and the engine died over the water and they fell a thousand feet into the surf. And, they swam to shore alive. All the miraculous elements of this story aside, the craziest part of the story was hearing the pastor talk about that minute or so of free fall towards certain death. Not too many people crash planes and live to tell about it. It was an incredible story, and a great reminder that life tomorrow is never a guarantee. Here’s a few links to some video interviews from the press that you might enjoy.

Crazy stuff, but what’s not so crazy is that each moment we have is no less than a divine gift.

Next, you should know that coffee as we know it does not exist on the east coast. Yes (of course) they have Starbucks here, but no coffee stands. None. How does the local economy survive? I have no idea. Anyway, over here the big thing is Dunkin Donuts. That’s right. No, they’re just as lousy here as they are back home, but the weird thing is that people like them and they stay very busy. Just the other day I was talking to a local about it.

“How do you think Dunkin Donuts compares to say…Starbucks?”

“Starbucks? I’ve only had Starbucks once in my life…that’s incredible coffee.”

They have no idea what they’re missing out on.

I would like to end here with three morsels of wisdom to take with you on the week ahead.

1. Say “I Love You” more often.

2. Go to a coffee stand and get an iced mocha for me.

3. Go to Haggen and buy a donut or twelve. I’ve been to Paris, Rome, London, New York, and Boston and I’ve never found a donut as good as the ones at Haggen. And yes, I have specifically looked.


One thought on “Baptist gets Baptized and Other Stories…

  1. grandma says:

    I love you and I will have dark homemade with soy and honey coffee and toast to your good health.

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