He’s on to her

It seems Henry is reprising his earlier performance of Tiny, Cute, and Vengeful. Remember how he pulled Violet’s hair in the bathtub the other day after she bit him? He’s discovered that her kisses are a perfect opportunity for more of his antics. Twice today i heard Violet crying in terror and found hunched over him with her hair clenched in his hands. So much for kisses.

Also, you probably don’t want to know this, but Henry and Violet grow incrementally cuter every day. Measurably.

Lastly, Henry has a gagging problem. Maybe you’ve heard how Violet can throw up on command. She can. If the slightest foreign object gets on her tongue or in her mouth, she will throw up in order to get it out of her mouth. Not cute. For example, if I’m blowing her nose and her mouth is open and she gets a tiny bit of toilet paper stuck to her wet lips, and she licks her lips, and gets the toilet paper on her tongue, she will throw up. You should never have to command your child not to throw up. Anyway, that was a huge introduction for a very short sentence. Henry LOVES to suck on his fist and arm, but it makes him gag.

By the way, did you know AJ can imitate Chewbacca from Starwars perfectly? Just one of the reasons I married that stud.


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