stereotypes, sea creatures, sillyness, a screwup, and Sarah

First off, what in tarnation is this bugger? It’s dead, don’t worry. When I first saw their shells all over the beach i thought they were like our sand crabs back home. They don’t have the front claws though. Now that I have found one, I can say for certain I have no idea what it is. I wonder what they taste like? steamed…butter and herb sauce…fettuccine…white wine…

Top and bottom views, respectively.

Next up, I’m not sure if i’ve ever mentioned this but Violet is a daddy’s girl. All the way. I felt a little left out until Henry came along. Looks like we have a serious mamma’s boy on our hands. Future-daughter-in-law, watch out.

One of Violet’s favorite ways to start a snack is to just say no to everything we offer her. She shrugs, says “Noooo….” and points to somewhere past my shoulder into the mysterious depths of the cupboard or fridge. Then, she starts repeating an unintelligible food name over and over. Finally, we pick her up and let her point out what she wants, which means she gets to see everything in the entire kitchen. Crafty. The funny part is that once she decides on a food, she can pronounce it just fine.

tonight after dinner i made red velvet cupcakes for the first time. Note to self: do not bake or follow directions involving specific amounts when distracted. Instead of that 1/2 teaspoon of white vinegar the recipe called for, I put in half a cup. HALF.A.CUP.  Really? half a cup of vinegar didn’t raise any red flags? Half a cup? REALLY?

Last but not least, I just finished editing the engagement shots I took of my sister-in-law and her fiance. Here’s a taste of the fun.


2 thoughts on “stereotypes, sea creatures, sillyness, a screwup, and Sarah

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think that is the bug from the Matrix… know the one that is crawling under his stomach. P.S. Who is Sarah?

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