Moniker Malady, etc.

Violet has a new favorite animal. Thanks to Uncle Trustin, she was introduced to a ferret this evening. Trustin’s ferret was very friendly and playful and Violet was completely amazed by everything about her. The delightful creature’s unfortunate name? “Damnit”.

of course…by delightful, i mean delightful when they belong to someone else and you get to see them on occassion, but you don’t have to smell them all the time, or clean up after then, or convince them to come out of that hole in the wall they made, or leave the toilet paper alone, or not make a nest with the lining of your couch, or not eat your pet fish, or not scare the pet fish so bad that they die of fright, or not pee on your shoes. I much prefer ferrets as someone else’s pet.

Right now I should be sleeping. AJ and I just sat down and finalized our trip list. We have so much to do before we leave yet, so it’s a good thing our flight is in the evening. I just realized that 13 weeks is a freaking long time to be that far away from friends and family. Please, please skype with us.

Anyway, here’s the next 48 hours for us:



clean (again),

work off list,

leave for airport,

get there early to let Violet run off steam,

get on the plane and do our best to sleep for the 5+ hour flight,

arrive in beantown at 3am our time,

grab the rental car and head from boston to plymouth rock,

take a break,

get some food,

head down to cape cod,

buy a car off craigslist after meeting with several different owners,

get the keys from our leasing agent,

check out the new digs,




i am freaking excited.


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