For the sake of solidarity

I heard it said once that being born in the US is like winning the cosmic lottery. Regardless of how you feel about this country, you can’t deny that living here comes with some innate privileges. We can attend a church with no repercussions of persecution, we don’t have a one child policy like China, and I don’t worry that one day my child might die in my arms for want of food.

As I reflected on this earlier, I was struck by the responsibility that comes with these privileges. It only makes sense that with the freedom I am allowed, I bear responsibility to fight for the freedoms of others, whether that is freedom from hunger, or the freedom to raise a child. No matter how I look at it, I can’t seem to get past how much sense it makes. I can’t imagine a scenario where I was born in the US with the unique rights and privileges of an American without also being born into a certain level of responsibility to help the less fortunate.

I’m just not sure what that looks like. Sometimes the trees get in the way of seeing the forest.


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