Island day and Pink and Say

First, today we went to Jetty Island. It. Was. Magical. For all you local yokels, it’s in Everett and you take a small ferry across to the island from the public boat launch. You should go. Here is the link for more info. Next time we’re bringing sand castle tools, because this is one of the best sandy beaches around.

Next up, today’s spotlight on an author/illustrator features Patricia Polacco. Born in 1944, Polacco is still actively writing books and has written many. I’m pointing ya’ll’s noses in her directions for several reasons. One: her artwork embraces the frizzy-haired, knock-kneed awkwardness of humanity and allows her characters their imperfections which only serves to add to their charm. Two: she’s a storyteller. You know those people that always have a great story to tell about some event in their life? They regale you with that one time when they had their tonsils taken out and had to eat gallons of pink ice cream, or they weave a story at bedtime that tells you all about your great-grandma. That’s Polacco. Most of her stories are based on her life experiences which adds to their richness and depth as she writes about anything from a childhood make-believe friend to a story now lost in family tradition about the hand that shook the hand that shook the hand of Abraham Lincoln. It’s time you read some children’s books.


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