Not Cornflakes

Sometimes I’m just really not very good at describing things. Steven Kellogg does that to me. He’s the author/illustrator for the spotlight on a-great-writer-that-also-colors-the-pictures-in-books-for-children today. I think the reason I’m having a hard time describing Kellogg’s work is probably because it’s very unique–there’s absolutely no mistaking a Kellogg book. If you click on the link above, it will direct you to his website and show you some samples of his art and characters.

The reason I’m picking Steven Kellogg, is probably because his work embodies some key characteristics of great children’s literature. The quality of the illustrations and writing is excellent, the characters are imaginative and intriguing for young and old minds alike, and they encourage young readers to finish the darn book because they can’t put it down.

So, next time you want cornflakes for breakfast, think “Kellogg” and write “visit the library” down on your to-do list.