Children’s Literature, Bird Poop and Fat

Okay, so back nearly a year ago, I made a delicious concoction in my kitchen that I named The Fat Monkey. I then took a picture and submitted it to a website called This is Why You’re Fat. For reason’s I do not understand, there are now two websites ( and and even though I submitted to the original website, I just found out that my creation is finally posted, but on the new site. Oh well. Okay, so maybe its nerdy, but Ive been waiting a year to get that creation to join the annals of fatness. I think it’s about time to make The Fat Monkey Again. Here is the direct link to my blog post in case you want to see some pictures of the process from last time.

Next up, (yes I’m working backwards from the title) Bird Poop. Today, out of a lovely blue sky, a bird pooped on my shirt. I was sitting on a park bench and I heard a little “Plop!” I looked down and there just below my collar bone was a bird turd. Not cool. I still have the stain on my shirt to prove it…which reminds me–I’m still wearing the shirt. Is that gross?

Lastly, this week I’ll be blogging everyday with a spotlight on an author/illustrator who has written some great children’s books. I was blessed enough to have parents that valued children’s literature for it’s ability to develop reading and writing skills, imagination, and help children understand  more about the world around them in relate-able terms. I hope that by highlighting some great examples of children’s literature, you can be encouraged to spend an afternoon with your kids surrounded by a boatload of books.

There’s no better way to start this spotlight off than with Bill Peet. One of my most favorite and extremely prolific; Bill Peet’s history as a sketch artist and later an artistic director for some early Disney movies makes his books stand out for their creative storylines and excellent illustrations. All of his characters are refreshingly original, the plots are engaging, and the pictures help even the youngest listeners stay interested. Next time you go to the library (like tomorrow), make sure you bring some of these home with you.