National Man Day (it’s today)

In case you didn’t know, today is National Man Day.

This day is the day for all men to stand up and say, “Yes, I am a Man.” And “Yes, I will step up and do manly things and whatever I want to do on this glorious day!”
Come, make history! Be a part of National Man day. Take the world by the throat and tell them it’s ok to watch Rocky movies all day. Tell them it’s fine if you sit in your favorite chair and scratch yourself. Tell them it’s normal to go shoot stuff or blow something up. Why? Because YOU ARE A MAN!!!
You aren’t some nancy that likes to frolic in the fields, unless it’s a field of mines and you have an AK47 and a hand full of grenades… Then you really are a man!
Yes on this day, men across the nation will be saying, “Screw you salad bar, with your salad and light dressings!” Men will step up and say, “I’ll take that 20 oz steak, and yes, I’ll eat it all. Because I’m a man!”
I’m not asking you to throw some sissy party, or to go buy a new power tie because you’re a man. All I’m asking you to do is step up live this day like a man would. Blow something up, shoot some animal, punch your buddy in the face for no reason, be a good father, play football and literally knock someone’s head off… Do something manly. Be a man like God intended you to be…
Take this day and celebrate your manhood

This quote was taken from the facebook page for National Man day, which I discovered after my husband decided to celebrate it. I think the thing I like about NMD is that it reminded me of elements of Wild at Heart by John Eldredge which is on my mandated reading list for pretty much everyone–men and women. It’s that good. It is so important for men to be masculine and to embrace the traits that God has ingrained in their nature. When men honor God with their masculinity, they become better fathers, husbands and friends. They aren’t afraid to champion the rights of others, they aren’t intimidated by emotional intimacy, and they’re perfectly suited to living a life of adventure and promise…even if they do pass on the salad bar and watch Rocky marathons occasionally.

Today is for all the men in my life, but especially my dad and my husband; the man who showed me what to look for and the one I found as a result.

The National Man Day website